Pageant Finalists

Grand Pilipinas Fiesta Princess 2018 finalist Claudia Isabel “Chloe” Abesamis


Free-spirited Claudia Isabel “Chloe” Abesamis, 16, took up ballet, piano and violin lessons; but she heeded the call of atheletics instead. She is a multi-sport enthusiast (softball, soccer and volleyball) and an incoming junior high school student at Sollers Point Technical School in Baltimore, Maryland. Chloe is a high school intern at the Johns Hopkins Summer Job Program; she aspires to be a medical professional.


Grand Pilipinas Fiesta Princess 2018 finalist Kayla Monique Fabros-Mamboyo


Fun-loving Kayla Monique Fabros-Mamboyo, also 16, is a petite high school sophomore in Jersey City, New Jersey. An excellent student, Kayla spends time away from her books by singing, dancing, and cheerleading. She dreams of a career in pediatrics, and believes that taking part at Fiesta In America’s pageant will help her reconnect with her ancestral roots and Filipino heritage.



Grand Pilipinas Fiesta Princess 2018 finalist Marisa Celia-Rose Haas



Annapolis, Maryland native Marisa Celia-Rose Haas, 18, is a recent graduate of Broadneck High School. She is eyeing an internship and hopes to pursue pre-med courses in college. Although she is half-Caucasian and her native Annapolis is predominantly white, Marisa credits her Filipino side for exposure to a different language, food, life-expanding bicultural values and positive attitudes.


Grand Pilipinas Fiesta Queen 2018 finalist Wildina Col Enjambre


A Surigao City-native with a nursing degree from the Butuan Doctors College, Wildina Col Enjambre pursued a Masters degree in Health Care Management at New Jersey’s College of Saint Elizabeth. She has been a practicing nurse for 18 years, and is currently an ER nurse in Livingston, NJ; she has been a member of the medical reserve corps since 2009. Active in the community, Wildina “believes in second chances, forgiveness, and love.” She and husband Aide Enjambre, Jr. have two daughters.


Grand Pilipinas Fiesta Queen 2018 finalist Rose Pacia LaBelle

Rose Pacia LaBelle hails from Luyang, Cauayan in Negros Occidental. She resides in White Plains, New York, and currently works as a Home Care Provider and a Certified Medical Assistant. Rose is involved in social service projects that support the needy in the Philippines. She was crowned Mrs. Philippines-USA in 2011 and Mrs. Tanglaw-Mindanao 2012, and served as ambassadress of goodwill for both pageants. According to Rose, these pageants opened her eyes “to a deeper call to serve the needy that comes with participating.”


Grand Pilipinas Fiesta Queen 2018 finalist Nemesia Vilma Muñoz


Originally from southern Mindanao, Nemesia Vilma Muñoz or “Tootay” moved at 14 years of age to Manila. At 19, Tootay’s winsome looks and remarkable and poise landed her a much sought-after job at the Playboy Club of Manila. According to her, working at the Playboy Club back then “was more glamorous, and a lot less scandalous than it sounds.” She met a cool DJ at the Club,Edgar Muñoz, with whom she has been happily married for 35 years. Tootay has been with the admissions department of a rehabilitation facility in New Jersey for 10 years.