Fiesta In America has offered your business a super slice of the Filipino American pie over the last 17 years. In fact, there is no other indoor consumer and trade expo outside California that brings the highest-value consumers in the U.S. under one roof. And to date, Fiesta In America is the only culture-based event on America's East Coast that provides your export or tourism business two days of direct consumer contact.

You think two days of event marketing are big? Well, the 18th Fiesta In America: August 13-14 at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, New Jersey bodes an even bigger platform where products, resorts, real estate and everything in between can be marketed to East Coast Filipino American households. Here's why: coupled with the People's Ball 2016 gala the night before (August 12), you are assured of three days of direct impact on your U.S. marketing and sales.

Glancing back

I am pleased to make this retrospective report to exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers in the Philippines and in the U.S. Fiesta In America's 16th edition on August 16 and 17, 2014 presented more diverse performers than in previous years. Latino culture was represented by rising Latin-beat performers from New York, Asian, American as well as Latino businesses participated as exhibitors, eager to tap into America's highest-income consumer market (Filipino households in New York have a median income of over $90,000 a year, highest among all groups including Whites; Fil-Am median household income nationwide is $75,146 while the national median is $51,369).

Looking ahead

On one side of the Pacific, I urge Philippine exporters, tourist facility operators, real estate firms and other firms to carve a hefty slice of the Filipino American pie through Fiesta In America 2016 and its succeeding editions. On the other hand, I ask U.S. consumer businesses and tourism-promotions offices to make their marketing tool box truly well-rounded by sponsoring, exhibiting or advertising at the largest indoor B2C and B2B expo of its kind. As a direct marketing venue, Fiesta In America closes the culture-based sales loop that starts with in-language media. Just as crucial and impactful as direct sales, Fiesta In America builds brands like no other.

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